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Mülakat Tarihi: Şubat 2011
Toplam Süreç: 20 Gün

Firstly, HR Company Adecco called me for the position and I had a phone interview which lasted 20 minutes. They asked me some questions that I mentioned in my resume and they checked if I correct all information about me. A few minutes later they called me again and gave me an appointment with adecco recruiter. It was quite good and no unusual questions. "Why philip morris? What are your achivements? Have you ever led a team?" Third one was with the department manager. He was quite friendly and we talked about my goals, strengths, weaknesses. After a while we continued in English. The interview lasted an hour. I left the building by thinking that I got the job but I was wrong.

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What accomplishments did you achieve and how did you achieve them?

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